What is 'Kimono De Lotus’ ?

What is Kimono De Lotus?
★Kimono De Lotus★ is a rental service of Antique Kimono with On-site selecting & booking option. For Guest who is visiting Arima Onsen, Japan, can rent kimono for strolling sight seeing spot or taking photos.  Wearing support is to be provided. 

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Ladies and gentlemen who came from abroad or young couple living in Japan are probably unfamiliar of Japanese traditional lifestyle. If so, we would like to invite those to have an experience of it.
It's fun to walk around outside wearing Kimono fashion when sightseeing but it seems hard to try and need a support of wearing...?  If so, then "KIMONO DE NARA" will be a good solution.

Let's enjoy sightseeing in Nara, walking around with wearing Kimono!