NOSAKU Kuzushi - Yugami Large NT-005 / Étain 100% Bol - Déformé Grand 'Kuzushi' 



Size H46 φ123

Weight (With Box) (335g)

Tin 100%


Known as the most expensive metal after gold and silver, tin is very malleable and flexible. Though having nearly the whiteness of silver, it does not rust easily nor will air tarnish it readily. It is significantly antibacterial, and also known as a material with low allergic reactivity and high heat conductivity. Because it is known to absorb impurities and purify water, tin wares allow you to enjoy liquor, meals, sweets, or flowers. Tin ware cooled in a refrigerator for 2-3 minutes will also keep the dish fresh and cold.
NOUSAKU uses pure tin. It is common to add other metallic materials to provide durability and facilitate cutting work, but NOUSAKU uses tin without such additives. It is made using traditional casting technique which has been passed down through generations for over 400 years in Takaoka, Japan. Kuzushi series come in 2-3 sizes, enabling you to enjoy it as a tableware as well as tray for the accesories, and small articles.

[Maintenance / Directions for use]
-Use a cloth (sponge), clean with dishwashing liquid (neutral in pH) after use.
-Do not scratch with hard brushes.
-Polish with common metal polishers, tooth paste, or baking soda to restore the shine.
-Do not use over a flame, as they have low melting points.
-Products are not to be used in microwave ovens or inside freezers.


--This Item is can not be sold for Malaysia, China and Taiwan due to contract with the manufacturer, for those country's residents, please contact to NOSAKU Corporation or us to find out your local contact ---


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